Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Clique - Lisi Harrison

Hello there!!! The voters have decided and the winner is "The Clique." woot!!I will be reviewing the first book, and then the others later on. So here we go:

Book Overview: (from Barnes and Noble)
Meet the Clique...

The most privileged middle-school girls navigate social minefields in this over-the-top, dramatic series set in suburban New York City's Westchester County.

Massie Block: With her glossy brunette bob and Whitestrip smile, Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at Octavian Country Day, an exclusive private school in Westchester, New York.

Dylan Marvil: Massie's second in command who divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkins shakes to try to get rid of the extra fifteen pounds that won't seem to leave her hips alone.

Alicia Rivera: As sneaky as she is beautiful, Alicia floats easily under the adult radar because she seems so "sweet." Would love to take Massie's throne one day. Just might do it.

Kristen Gregory: She's been dying to fit in ever since her parents went broke. She's smart, hardworking and will insult you to tears faster than you can say "scholarship kid."

And then there's Claire Lyons, the new girl in two-year old GAP overalls from Florida, who is clearly not Clique material. The only problem is that Claire's family is staying in the guest house on the Blocks' massive estate while they look for a new home! Claire's future looks worse than a bad Prada knock-off, but with a little luck and a lot of scheming, she just might come up smelling like Chanel Mademoiselle....

My Review:
This book was decent, not the worst book I have ever read but definitely not the best. It has to be my least favorite one out of the whole series. I just find it simply boring and uninteresting. If I had read this one first, I would not have read the series, end of story...
SOmething I liked about the first book is the characters are easy to relate to. Well at least in my opinion they are. THey struggle from everything such as weight issues to fitting in/being bullied. I believe we can all relate to these characters in some how or some way.
Something I didn't like is that the characters are talking about name brands every other paragraph. It just started to get old after a while...
The book is totally unrealistic, so be warned!!! lol =)

P.S. This book is being made into a movie. Check it out: I really like the cast they picked...

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Annu said...

Heyy. I read TTYL and TTFN also l8r g8r

but the thing about these books are, they only go on about convos online. like they dont have 'the real deal' if you know what i mean. my favourite publishers are POPPY because it has the clique, gossipgirl, the it-girl and the a list. all books are really good! im gonna try reading POSEUR soon :)
also, if u like the clique, youll absoulutly LOVE 'secrets of my hollywood life' by Jen (something; i forget the last name.

anyways. check out my site and comment its: